Knights of Columbus

Muenster Knights of Columbus Council

Abbot Bruno Doerfler Council #8752

"Charity, Unity, Fraturnity and Patriotism"

The Abbot Bruno Doerfler council #8752 had its charter issued June 19, 1984. There were 46 charter members.

The monthly meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Senior Hall in Muenster.  To become a member contact Richard Muench at 682-4560.

Membership fees are $25.00 per year, which includes at no cost, accidental death benefits for the member and spouse - $1000 - $2500 each.

Muenster Abbot Bruno Doerfler #8752 Council hosted 5 area major degree exemplifications. March 1988 Brother Mervin Loehr formed the Abbot Severin Gertkin Squires Circle #3637, this is a Knights of Columbus Youth organization.

The present executive of Abbot Bruno Doerfler Council #8752 is as follows:

Grand Knight - Richard Muench, Deputy Grand Knight - Jordan Bergermann,  Chanceler - Brent Loehr, Financial Secretary - Brian Stomp, Recorder - Nick Kosokowsky, Treasurer - Ray Hofmann,  Lecturer - Bob Bergermann, Trustee 1st Year - Jim Bergermann, Trustee 2nd year - Claude Britz, Advocate - Dave Fisher, Inside Guard - Roger Berting, Outside Guard - John Kiefer, Chapelin - Father Daniel Muyres.

Some Charities that are supported by the Knights of Columbus Abbot Bruno Doerfler #8752 Council are:

- Published the Marcella Hinz booklet on the Imhoff Paintings in the Muenster Parish Cathedral (books are still available)

- Fundraiser BBQ for St. Elizabeth hospital 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994

- 1991 to 1999 inclusive, hosted Humboldt Summerfest.  Walk from Humboldt - Muenster, supplied bar, gormet supper and entertainment.

- Participated in Big Valley Jamboree

- 2002 K or C councils set up and took down 700 beds for winter games.

- June, 2002 prepared and served 1200 breakfasts in two days for Humboldt Collegiate reunion.

- Hosted Provincial Charity Appeal ticket draw - looked after  Mass, bar, supper, entertainment & ticket draw.

- sell Charity Appeal tickets every year.

- lay wreath every year at Remembrance day service in Humboldt.

- Bosco camps

- Help fund "Families for Religion" an in school program

- Helped fund a "Smart Board" for the Muenster school.

- Helped fund the Harmonic Vision Children's choir.

- Pay expenses for Donors Choice each year.

- Sponsor Knights of Columbus scholarship for Muenster school student attending university at St. Peter's College

- Donation to "Rock the Mount"

- Donations to Northern Missions

- Sponsor Basketball free throw competition

- Membership in Saskatchewan Catholic Health

- Village Welcome Wagon

- Donate to Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation.

- Paid for new doors for St. Peter's Parish Cathedral Restoration

- Humboldt Music Festival

- Teen aid each year

- Special Olympics each year

- Prolife membership every year

- Homecoming, 2008

- Sponsored Priest study days

- Donations to Big Brothers & Sisters

- Donations to Prairie Messenger

- Donations to Crime prevention program

- Vocation projects

- donations to St. Peter's Parish

- donations to St. Gregor parish

- donations to persons with severe health problems

- donations to S.A.D.D. program

- donations to St. John's Bosco camp

- donations to minor hocke and baseball



- hamper draw tickets

- breakfasts

- suppers

- Charity Appeal tickets - Provincial (70%)

- BBQ for ccelebrations and reunions


Our council contributes to our Provincial charitable Foundation, $100 for every member passing on.

Fund now is at 1.8 million invested. Funds gained on this investment - $75-90,000 per year are distributed to charities every year, many thousands of dollars come into our area each year.

Supreme Council has Knights of Columbus insurance with AAA rating in North America.





Liturgy Schedule

Mass Times & Location

Sundays: May 1 – October 31
9:30 a.m. Mass, St. Peter’s Cathedral

Sundays: November 1 – April 30
10 a.m. Mass, St. Peter’s Cathedral

Weekdays: Tuesday to Friday
8:15 a.m. Mass, Wolverine Heights in Muenster

Saturday Mass
8:15 a.m. Mass, Muenster Chapel across from the school

Sunday before church or for an appointment call: Fr. Paul Paproski, OSB at 682-1787.


St. Peter’s Church is located off of Hwy 5 - ½ km north of Muenster and ½ km east.

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St. Peter's Cemetery. 1/2 mile south of St. Peter's Church