Arnold & Agnes Korte Family


Arnold Korte window Arnold was born in 1927 at Muenster, the oldest son of Herman and Cecilia (Kuemper) Korte. He attended Golden Rule School which was located right across the road from the farm home. Arnold helped on the farm for some years and worked at various jobs, bush camp, and the highway department until he started farming in 1950. Arnold married Agnes Muggli of Muenster on July 2, 1952 at St. Peter's Cathedral. Agnes was born October 26, 1930, the oldest daughter of Ernest and Anna (Muench) Muggli, also from Muenster. Agnes took all of her schooling at the old Monastery School in Muenster. Arnold and Agnes settled on a farm four miles northwest of Muenster where they raised grain, cattle, hogs and horses. Together they raised a family of seven children: karen married Bill Plumb; Glenn married Sheryl Janzen; Eunice married Cyril Puetz; Sheila married David Berscheid; Janet married Lyle Muyres; Kim married Cheryl Schreiner; Beverly married Rick Schemenauer.

At the top of the window is a cross which in the church symbolizes the sacrifice of Christ. The church and their faith have been a part of the Korte family for years. Arnold believes that "At times, you just need to lean on something." In fact, the Arnold Korte family is the only family in St. Peter's Parish at the present time with three generations still attending the cathedral.

The middle panel shows a represenation of the first cemetery in the area which is located just east of the church across Highway 368. It sits upon a slight hill and a plaque on the large cross in the middle of the cemetery displays the names of those believed to be buried there. Buried in this cemetery are relatives of the family - an aunt and cousins. This part of the window is significant to the family as Arnold has been maintaining this cemetery for the past twenty-five years. In the years preceding Arnold's caretaking, the cemetery was in a state of disrepair and neglect. In addition to the cemetery, the paths and green fields displayed in this section represent the farming aspect of the Korte family. By age 14, Arnold was doing all his field work with a team of horses and in all the years since, he has never missed a seeding or harvest!

The second panel from the bottom displays flowers and butterflies. Specifically, the butterfly represents the journey of the soul. The grub stage represents life on earth, the cocoon stage represents death, and the emergence of the beautiful butterfly symbolizes the glory of eternal life. The roses in the panel, in addition to representing the beauty of God, are special to the family as Agnes always had a garden and flower beds with roses.

The bottom portion of the window is the family panel. In the centre of the bottom portion are two horses hitched to a caboose. The caboose was purchased in the 1940's; these horses depicted in the window are named Tiny and Beaut. Arnold got the horses when they were 5 months old and trained them himself. Today, these "drivers" are 15 years old. Arnold also owns Duke, a 27 year-old saddle horse. While other people might be into sports or other hobbies, Arnold considers riding his horses relaxing and feels the relationship he has with the animals is like a form of therapy to him.

Installation Date:  November 10, 2009

Blessing Date:  December 13, 2009


St. Peter’s Church is located off of Hwy 5 - ½ km north of Muenster and ½ km east.

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St. Peter's Cemetery. 1/2 mile south of St. Peter's Church