The current fundraiser in the Parish is for the: Grand Piano Fund Sponsor a Key!

Thank you to past contributors who have already purchased a key or more for $500 each.

We are also very grateful that Werner (Vern) and Helga Hoing made a special donation of $20 000 in support of the project.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of supporting this Parish project.

The information below is also available as a pdf in the Downloads section of the site.


Each piano key is assigned a value of $500. 

I would like to sponsor ________________ key(s).  

Total enclosed:  ___________________________

_____  I would like to extend my sponsorship of a key over 5 months.

_____  I have included 5 post-dated cheques.

Donations, along with this sponsorship form, can be placed in the Sunday collection or mailed to:  St. Peter’s Parish, Box 10, Muenster, SK S0K 2Y0. 

Tax receipts will be issued.



By what name would you like to be recognized?  ___________________________

For example:  The John Doe Family

In memory of John Doe (former St. Peter’s Parish Choir member)

John and Jane Doe

Formal recognition will be on the parish website and printed in a book placed at the back of the church.  

A general plaque will be placed on the piano to recognize contributions.



Liturgy Schedule

Mass Times & Location

Sundays: November 1 – April 30
10 a.m. Mass, St. Peter’s Cathedral

Sundays: May 1 – October 31
9:30 a.m. Mass, St. Peter’s Cathedral

Tuesday to Saturday
8:15 a.m. Mass at Wolverine Heights in Muenster

Sunday before church or for an appointment call: Fr. Paul Paproski, OSB at 682-1787.


St. Peter’s Church is located off of Hwy 5 - ½ km north of Muenster and ½ km east.

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St. Peter's Cemetery. 1/2 mile south of St. Peter's Church