St. Peter's Muenster

Pastor of St. Peter's - Muenster

Fr. Paul Retirement celebration details (JULY 12)

ATTENTION: Sunday July 12th is set to be a date to recognize Fr. Paul's service to our parish and his upcoming retirement. It will take place at mass and also in the afternoon that day at the Jerome Assembly Room (St. Read more »


MASS HAS RESUMED...For now, it will be occuring each Sunday at 10:00am at St. Peter's Church. Fr. Paul has made the time request. Read more »

Pastor Welcome

Welcome to St. Peter’s Parish in Muenster, Saskatchewan. I am Fr. Paul Paproski, OSB (Order of St. Benedict) and I  reside in the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter’s Abbey, Muenster. I began serving St. Peter’s Parish in July of 2015,  the place of my ordination in 2006. Read more »

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Liturgy Schedule

Mass Times & Location

Sundays: November 1 – April 30
10 a.m. Mass, St. Peter’s Cathedral

Sundays: May 1 – October 31
9:30 a.m. Mass, St. Peter’s Cathedral

Tuesday to Saturday
8:15 a.m. Mass at Wolverine Heights in Muenster

Sunday before church or for an appointment call: Fr. Paul Paproski, OSB at 682-1787.


St. Peter’s Church is located off of Hwy 5 - ½ km north of Muenster and ½ km east.

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St. Peter's Cemetery. 1/2 mile south of St. Peter's Church