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Breker Window The Stained Glass Window Project had many aspects to it: a fundraising project, a medium to protect the interior from the sun, and a way to enhance the beauty of the church. I knew immediately that this was a project we as a family wanted to support.

The Brekers were later additions to the Muenster community, relatively speaking. The Brekers originally homsteaded near the town of Englefeld but the homestead was sour land and my grandfather Ted moved off the land and opened a general store there. His heart, however, was always with the land. Ted purchased the farm I live on today which my father Matt started farming. Although a pharmacist by profession, Matt truly loved the lifestyle and the land as well as the satisfaction of the physical harvest. Because she shared Matt’s love of the harvest, my mother Elvira moved us faithfully to and from the farm each spring and fall, most of the time pregnant and with small children. In many ways, though, my mother’s harvest was of a different nature – the harvest of family and faith.

We lived on the farm in summer and moved to Humboldt in winter so we experienced both communities. The Muenster community always had a safe and friendly feel to it. We as kids and as a family looked forward to the change of season as spring meant Sundays at St. Peter’s. The cathedral is a part of a heritage that few communities can match. The character of the community – the reason why the church building stands today – should be a greater source of pride for the community.

Our window displays the theme of the sower, perhaps one of the best known parables. The sower is seen at the bottom panel and the path with its stones and weeds is shown winding upward. Birds in flight feed on the seeds fallen by the wayside. In the middle are two fields; the one with rich soil is green and lush, set to produce an abundant crop. The other, with sandy soil, is brown and withered. The theme then carries to the top where the sheaf of wheat signifies the harvest.

It is the hope of our family that the stained glass windows of St. Peter’s Cathedral will tell the story that each family inteded and in the process, share a piece of history and thoughts for the future.

By Kris Breker

Installation Date: August 31, 2009

Blessing Date:  September 6, 2009